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2014-2015 Membership Guide
Elite Select & United Select Players



Dear Spokane Soccer Club Shadow Select player,


Welcome!  Congratulations on joining the finest youth soccer club in greater Spokane!  We are thrilled to have you be a part of our thriving program.  We are a competitive club focused on 4 Pillars of Success:  

   1.  Development

   2.  Competition

   3.  Community

   4.  Enjoyment

Please read this entire document out loud as a family so you all understand what is involved.  To start your season in good standing, you must complete the following steps within 1 week of accepting your roster membership:

1.  Register with SSC Shadow, pay club dues & Washington Youth Soccer/US Youth Soccer membership
One registration process and fee collection to make things easier for our families! 
**Please note, a $50 late fee will be added to your club dues if you do not register and make initial payment 10 days after the coach sends you the information to register.  This is due to the amount of time and resources needed to track down families that do not register or make an initial payment in a timely fashion.

Register here

Club dues support the on-going operations of the club.  85% of our budget is spent on coach, staff and administrative support positions, along with taxes associated with these paid positions; 15% is spent on financial assistance and club operations (equipment, education, insurance, website, phone, office materials, online registration and credit card processing fees, etc.).

SSC Shadow is committed to making youth soccer affordable for all players and offers limited financial assistance to help offset club dues.  Requests for club dues financial assistance may be made during the SSC Shadow online registration process within one week of accepting your roster spot; late registrations will not be considered.  Assistance is inclusive; players at any age group or level of play are welcome to apply.  Financial assistance awards are based on the number of applicants and available funds.  Recipients must remain in good standing at all times and requests are held in strictest confidence.  

If you have questions about online registration, please contact Club Assistant, Bryan Olson.

Over 110,000 players belong to Washington Youth Soccer and over 3 million youth players are members of US Youth Soccer, the largest member of the US Soccer Federation - the governing body for soccer in the United States.  Your membership includes liability/secondary insurance coverage through Washington Youth Soccer.

2.  Complete the WYS Medical Release Form

Download here

Give to your team manager at your first team practice.  Your coach and manager will keep a copy of this information at all practices and games in case of emergency.

3. Provide proof of your birth date (Turn this in once, when you initially join SSC Shadow)

Email a copy of your certified birth certificate OR U.S. passport to:

Certified birth certificates may be obtained from the county of birth.  For players born in Spokane County, visit the Spokane Regional Health District, 1101 W. College Avenue.

4.  First Team Account Payment

To offset coach per diem, travel expenses and tournament registrations, team account funds are collected throughout the season.  Amounts vary by team and are managed by your volunteer Team Manager/Treasurer, with oversight by the SSC Shadow Bookkeeper.  Team Tracking Sheets will be emailed periodically to parents showing deposits and credits for all team members for the season.  Make checks payable to SSC Shadow and turn in to your Team Manager/Treasurer.

5.  Consider our Player Sponsorship Program

Offset your club dues by pursuing financial sponsorships from family, friends, and businesses, through our Player Sponsorship Program.  As you find donors interested in supporting your soccer, have them complete the form and mail their donation to the club!  Make sure your name is listed on the form so your account is credited properly.
Download the Player Sponsorship Form here

Potential Player Sponsorship Letter Template:




City, State  Zip Code

Dear     :

Playing soccer is one of my passions and favorite sports.  As a member of the  ____ team of the Spokane Soccer Club Shadow, I am asking for your consideration of a tax- deductible sponsorship to support my soccer experience.  I am excited to be a part of a club that focuses on youth soccer development, competition, community and enjoyment.

This year, club dues are $___, plus uniform and team expenses.  Club dues cover coaching costs, equipment, field rental, and organizational expenses.  It is my hope, with your assistance, that I can raise funds to offset my club dues.  Your gift is tax-deductible as allowed by law.  Spokane Soccer Club Shadow is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization; EIN #20 8739886.

Add a personalized paragraph here about your tryout experience, past playing experiences, your teammates, your coach, your favorite thing about soccer.  (Tell YOUR story!)

If you are able to help, please complete the enclosed sponsorship form and return to SSC Shadow at your convenience.  Make your check payable to Spokane Soccer Club Shadow and list my name in the memo line.

In return, we will list your company information on our website.  It will include information you provide us - a link to your web page, physical address and contact information.  You will also receive a confirmation letter of thanks for your records.   

We encourage all the members of our club to support the businesses and individuals who support us.  Thank you for your consideration.  If you have any questions regarding Spokane Soccer Club Shadow, please visit our
website or contact me at _______. 


Your Name here

6.  Get jersey number assigned by your coach

SSC Shadow coaches assign jersey numbers to avoid duplication within each age group.  
Consult your coach and team manager to confirm your jersey number before you order your uniform kit!

7.  Order Nike uniform

Uniforms are purchased every two years, so plan for growth!
Eurosport is our uniform vendor and orders are made online at   Players will order online and pay Eurosport directly.  Sample sizes will be made available so players can find the right fit before they order.  Stay tuned for uniform information!

8.  Communication to and from SSC Shadow

SSC Shadow relies on email for its main mode of communication.  We work hard to keep our website ( and Facebook pages updated.  We will email you our Shadow Review newsletter and Stoppage Time news flashes throughout the season.  

Provide us a working email addresses you check regularly when you register with SSC Shadow so we can stay in touch!  Contact information you share with SSC Shadow is confidential.  We promise to never share, sell or rent contact information to any outside party!

9.  Information from your coach

Your coach will share expectations for practices, tournaments, league play, etc., as well as their coaching philosophy, goals and how they will communicate with the team.  Our coaches are simply outstanding!  No finer staff exists in the region.  Please follow their lead, ask questions and get to know them.  Understanding that 95% of them hold full-time jobs outside of SSC Shadow coaching, please thank them often for giving their evenings and weekends to coach you.

If you, as a player, need to visit with your coach, you need to do so in person.  You are welcome to have your parents with you, but you need to voice your own issues and concerns; this is YOUR experience to manage.  We are here to help you grow and learn how to advocate for yourself in a supportive way.  In order to do that, we want you to communicate with us openly, honestly and early.  If you meet with your coach, but still have unresolved issues, your second contact is Technical Director, Abbas Faridnia.  Your final contact is SSC Shadow Board President, Wayne Butler.

If your parents have an issue or grievance with your coach or team, please ask them to sort out them out right away instead of taking them to the sidelines.  If your parents are coaching you or your teammates from the sidelines, please ask them to stop, relax and enjoy the game.  Remind them that soccer should be fun and that you have a coach to train you and direct how you play!


11.  Get your Practice Schedule

SSC Shadow Practice Schedule here  

Field & Facility addresses here  

SSC Shadow does not own soccer fields.  We rent from the City, County and privately-owned facilities.  In addition to your outstanding sportsmanship, all players and parents are expected to be wonderful stewards of the facilities provided to us, leaving them in better shape than we find them!

We know you are busy and need to plan ahead.  We work diligently to schedule practices as far in advance as possible, but there are many factors to consider:

  • 95% of our coaches have jobs elsewhere and we try to work around those schedules as best as possible.

  • Fields allocations are not always consistent and may pose challenges.

  • There are other users at the fields, including high schools.

  • Fields can close for whatever reason.  In cases of inclement weather, SSC Shadow follows these school closure policies:  
    - Practices in the City of Spokane will be cancelled if Spokane School District 81 is closed.  
    - Practices in the City of Spokane Valley will be cancelled if Central Valley School District is closed.

Craven’s Coffee Warehouse has been made available to our club at no charge for many years - we heartily endorse their wonderful coffee and thank them for their sponsorship! 

12.  Learn about team business, league & tournaments

Parent volunteers serve as Team Managers/Treasurers on every SSC Shadow Select Elite & United team.  They provide clear communication and to allow the coach to focus on coaching.  Parents, please keep their contact information in your cell phone, read their emails, reply promptly and thank them for their time!  

SSC Shadow Select teams compete in the NW League.  Tournaments vary by team and are hosted by different clubs or sponsoring organizations.  Links and information will be provided by your Team Manager.

13.  Review your Club Policies

Download here  

Learn your policies regarding Player Safety, Playing Time, Injury, Lightning Safety, No Pay/No Play, Refunds, Tournaments, Guest Playing, Player Sponsorships, Fundraising, Email/Texting/Social Media, Website Privacy & Security and Logo Use.

14.  Additional member benefits

* Open Practice Policy!

Club success shows that players who seek training opportunities in addition to their team trainings will progress faster in the game.  When field space and coaching coverage allow, the club’s practices are “open” to all interested players in the club.  Player’s must attend all of their team practices first and then seek permission one week in advance from the coach whose training they will visit. 

* APEX Physical Therapy Wellness Tips - From Head to Toe!

Wellness Articles:  On injury prevention, nutrition, hydration, and stretching to keep you moving on the soccer field.

Free Injury Screenings:  As schedule and availability allow, APEX PT staff offers free injury screenings to SSC Shadow players at their offices.  

15.  Contact Us

By Phone

General questions:  Call Peggy at 509.850.7787

Questions about coaching or levels of play:  Call Niko at 509.869.6176

By Email

Coaching or player-related questions

Financial questions about club dues or online club registration

Financial questions about team accounts

Operational and administrative questions

By Mail

Spokane Soccer Club Shadow

P.O. Box 18176

Spokane, WA 99228-0176


Thank you for joining SSC Shadow!  With your roster acceptance, you and your family have given your word that you are fully committed to your team for the entire 2014-2015 season - from tryouts to the end of the spring season league play.  You have made a promise to your teammates, their parents, your coach and club that you will represent yourself and SSC Shadow at the highest levels of commitment as you develop into a better soccer player.  We appreciate your commitment of time, loyalty, finances and support.  

In return, we pledge our expertise, education, loyalty and passion for the game.  Together, we will take you to the next competitive level of your game - having fun and working hard along the way!  


Go SSC Shadow!


Abbas Faridnia               Wayne Butler

Technical Director           Board President


Our Community Vision

By working together within a player-centered philosophy, Spokane Soccer Club Shadow offers the highest quality coaching, training and competition available in greater Spokane.  We focus on each player’s long-term development and passion for soccer.  We keep things straightforward for parents to alleviate confusion.  We keep expenses as low as possible.  We are committed to honest leadership, collaboration and transparency.
Our Mission
Spokane Soccer Club Shadow is a non-profit club serving greater Spokane’s premier, select and developmental soccer families.  We offer the highest standards of youth soccer advancement, delivering a unique package of development, competition, enjoyment and community by expert, certified coaches.

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